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About Us

TechPro® Plus provides end-to-end engineering solutions for companies operating in the engineering and manufacturing industries.


Our high level of pragmatism and collaborative approach has resulted in many successful projects with significant cost savings for a variety of clients both nationally and internationally.


We focus on representing our clients’ interests by providing innovative and unique yet practical and effective engineering solutions including product design, product safety, product compliance, manufacturing, installation and technical marketing documentation. We also have extensive experience in project management, company processes, Quality Assurance, risk management, troubleshooting and efficiency improvement.


Our Principal Engineer, Katalin, has over 26 years of experience working in the engineering field for a number of manufacturers, both nationally and in the EU, Asia and Australia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering specialising in Structural Engineering. As the Engineering Manager at CSP Pacific (a member of the Fletcher Building Group), she was directly involved in instigating a number of changes and improvements for over 10 years. CSP Pacific is a leading pole manufacturer and supplier of road safety products in New Zealand.

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