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Engineering Solutions


Doing More with Less


TechPro® Plus has over 26 years’ experience in providing end-to-end engineering solutions for companies operating in the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Our Expertise

  • Manufacturing Consultancy and Project Management

  • Workflow, Process and Output Efficiency

  • Quality Assurance

  • Risk Management and Troubleshooting

  • Technical Marketing and Strategy

  • Product Design, Product Safety and Innovation

  • Product Compliance and Producer Statements

Our Skills

  • ​Maximising gain and minimising loss

  • Workflow optimisation and process streamlining

  • Mentoring and coaching

  • Troubleshooting of industry challenges

  • Technical risk management

  • Effective solution implementation

  • Technical marketing documentation

  • Product design, development and innovation

  • Product safety and compliance

  • Product non-compliance and failure investigations

  • Expert technical witness

About Us

TechPro® Plus provides end-to-end engineering solutions for companies operating in the engineering and manufacturing industries.


Our high level of pragmatism and collaborative approach has resulted in many successful projects with significant cost savings for a variety of clients both nationally and internationally.


Featured Projects


SRP - Steel Rollformed Products

Product Compliance

Technical Documentation


As a company, Steel Rollformed Products Ltd took the initiative to conduct an audit to check their product compliance and update technical documentation. We engaged TechPro Plus to manage this process and were very pleased with the excellent outcomes.


Principal Engineer Katalin Csikasz built a strong working relationship with us and was at all times thorough and professional in her approach. Her attention to detail was exemplary.


We confidently recommend TechPro Plus to offer practical solutions backed by professional expertise to deliver excellent results.

Mark and Sue Bedford


SRP - Steel Rollformed Products






TechPro® Plus Ltd.

PO Box 251458


Auckland 2140

New Zealand

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